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Discover Peru

Peru beckons travellers with its enchanting blend of ancient wonders, vibrant cultures, and spectacular landscapes. Explore the iconic ruins of Machu Picchu nestled amidst mist-shrouded mountains or wander through the bustling streets of Lima, where colonial charm meets modern flair. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of indigenous traditions, from colourful markets to traditional festivals. Whether you seek adventure, cultural discovery, or simply the beauty of nature, Peru promises an unforgettable experience at every turn.


Lima, Peru's capital, is a vibrant coastal city blending colonial charm with modern vitality. Founded in 1535, its UNESCO-listed historic centre features impressive colonial architecture like the Plaza Mayor and Cathedral of Lima. Renowned for its diverse culinary scene, Lima offers everything from traditional Peruvian dishes to innovative fusion cuisine. The city also boasts a rich cultural scene with museums, galleries, and lively music venues. From colourful festivals to beautiful beaches, Lima offers a dynamic mix of history, culture, and coastal charm.


Machu Pichu

Machu Picchu, often dubbed the "Lost City of the Incas," is an ancient citadel nestled high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This UNESCO World Heritage site is renowned for its stunning terraced architecture and panoramic views. Believed to have been built in the 15th century and abandoned during the Spanish conquest, Machu Picchu remains an enigmatic symbol of Inca civilization's ingenuity and cultural legacy.



Cusco, the historic capital of the Inca Empire, is a vibrant city steeped in history and culture. Its cobblestone streets are lined with colonial-era architecture, Inca ruins, and lively plazas. Highlights include the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, and the Qorikancha temple. Cusco serves as a gateway to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, attracting visitors with its rich heritage, bustling markets, and vibrant culinary scene.


The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley, or Valle Sagrado, stretches along the Urubamba River, flanked by towering mountains, and dotted with picturesque villages and ancient ruins. It served as the heartland of the Inca Empire, revered for its fertile soil and strategic significance. Today, the Sacred Valley is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and cultural explorers, offering opportunities for hiking, visiting traditional markets, and exploring archaeological sites such as Ollantaytambo and Pisac.


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Peru's weather varies greatly across its regions. Coastal areas like Lima experience mild, arid conditions with occasional fog and humidity, particularly from June to September. In the Andean highlands, days are cool with cold nights; the dry season runs from May to October, while the wet season is from November to April. In the Amazon rainforest, it's hot and humid year-round, with heavy rainfall from December to March. 

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Travel Details

Flying from London to Lima takes around 17 hours.

There are currently no direct flights from London to Peru, but many good daily connections are available travelling via Amsterdam or Madrid.


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