a place that can teach the world how to party ...


a place that can teach the world how to party ...


a place that can teach the world how to party ...

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           A stunning country to visit - from the buzz and beaches of Rio to the scenery of the Amazon Rain-forest

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          Brazil is the land of the carnival! Home to the seaside city of Rio de Janeiro, it is a place that can teach the world how to party. A visit during the Rio Carnival or on New Year's Eve will be a celebration that you will treasure for a lifetime. A trip to Rio can't be complete without taking in the view from the top of sugar loaf mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

          Beyond the buzz of Rio and the charms of Copacabana beach, there is a vibrant and exciting country waiting for you to explore. Brazil has been recognised as the world's top wildlife destination, home to the vast Amazon Rainforest and the rich wetlands of the Pantanal, the incredible range of wildlife you can see here includes jaguar, caiman, capybara, harpy eagles, toucans and scarlet macaws.

          Brazil's beaches are spectacular. Its coastline has everything from secluded islands like Fernando de Noronha, to bustling cities like Salvador, and dreamy historic fishing villages like Paraty and Buzios. Brazil's beaches are a little taste of paradise, a great spot to relax, unwind and enjoy the fresh sea breeze and warm tropical waters.

          A tour of Iguazu Falls is a real must. These thundering cascades sit on the border between Brazil and Argentina and can make for a convenient crossing point if you wish to continue your tour of South America in Argentina.

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          As Brazil is one of the few South American countries not to include the Andes Mountains, there are no permanent snowfields in Brazil. Like all of South America, Brazil's seasons are the reverse of the north. The country is split into four distinct climatic regions: the Amazon Basin, the Brazilian plateau, the coastlands within the tropics and the southern states. 

          The Amazon Basin is the largest area in the world with a typical equatorial climate. Rainfall in some places can exceed 2000 mm (80") and there is no real dry season. Tropical temperatures (27 - 32 °C / 80 - 90 °F) are typical. 

          The Brazilian Plateau is another very large region, but being south of the Amazon Basin and at a moderate altitude, it has a very different climate. There is a very distinct wet season at the time of high sun, with almost all the rainfall (about 1500 mm / 60") falling between October and April. 

          The tropical east coast (including Rio de Janeiro) has a typically hot tropical climate, although there are significant differences in the season of greatest rainfall from north to south. 

          Finally, the southern states have a warm temperate climate, although on the coast a distinct cooler season can produce frosts. Winter has a real significance in this region, and the difference between the seasons is determined by temperature rather than rainfall. 


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