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          The UK Travel Traffic Light System Explained

          On 17 May 2021, The Government introduced a new traffic light system when the ‘Stay in the UK’ regulation ceased and international travel was allowed to restart. Created to help passengers determine which countries were deemed 'safe' to travel, the colour coded list indicates each countries Covid PCR requirements and the UK's quarantine and self-isolation rules for passengers arriving home.

          Designed for ease, the traffic light system has caused some confusion, so we've created an easy to use travel checklist for green, red and amber countries to help navigate the ever-changing do's and don'ts in travel. Whilst it's never straightforward and there are some exception's to the table below (for example, some countries don't require a PCR test before arrival), the table below provides a good indication of the traffic light system.

          As always, the best source of up to date information relating to each country is the Government's FCO website

          Fully Vaccinated Passenger Information

          Some countries, although these are currently limited, have updated their travel protocols to allow fully vaccinated travellers (both doses) entry without a negative PCR test result. You will still need to follow the traffic light rules when travelling abroad, such as getting a negative pre-departure test before your arrival back to the UK.

          • Green Countries
            • Australia*
            • Antigua and Barbuda  
            • Anguilla
            • Barbados
            • Bermuda
            • Cayman Islands
            • Croatia  
            • Dominica  
            • Gibraltar
            • Grenada
            • Iceland
            • Israel and Jerusalem
            • Malta
            • Madeira
            • Montserrat  
            • New Zealand*
            • Singapore*
            • Turks and Caicos

            *Please note that although some countries are on the Green list (Australia, New Zealand and Singapore) borders are currently closed so it is not possible to travel there.

            To view the full green list of countries please click here: 

          • Amber Countries

            **From 19 July 21, fully vaccinated Britons no longer need to quarantine on their return to the UK from amber list destinations**
            Instead, travellers aged over 18 will be expected to take a pre-departure test before flying back to the UK and will have to pay for a PCR test on or before day two.

            There are over 150 Amber Destinations, we've selected the most popular tourist destinations that currently feature in the Amber list.

            • Andorra  
            • Aruba  
            • Austria  
            • The Bahamas  
            • Belgium  
            • British Virgin Islands
            • Bulgaria  
            • Cambodia  
            • Canada  
            • China  
            • Costa Rica  
            • Côte d’Ivoire  
            • Cuba  
            • Cyprus  
            • Czech Republic (Czechia)  
            • Denmark  
            • Egypt  
            • Fiji  
            • Finland  
            • France (all visitors returning to the UK, including fully vaccinated, must self-isolate at home for 10 days)
            • French Polynesia  
            • Germany  
            • Greece (including islands)  
            • Hong Kong  
            • Hungary  
            • Ibiza
            • Indonesia  
            • Italy  
            • Jamaica  
            • Japan  
            • Luxembourg  
            • Malaysia  
            • Mallorca
            • Martinique  
            • Mauritius
            • Menorca  
            • Mexico  
            • Monaco  
            • Montenegro  
            • Morocco  
            • Netherlands  
            • Norway  
            • Poland  
            • Portugal 
            • South Korea  
            • Spain (including the Balearics and Canary Islands)  
            • Sri Lanka  
            • St Kitts and Nevis  
            • St Lucia  
            • St Maarten  
            • St Martin and St Barthélemy  
            • St Vincent and the Grenadines  
            • Sweden  
            • Switzerland  
            • Thailand  
            • Trinidad and Tobago  
            • United States (USA)  
            • Vietnam  

            *Please note that although some countries are on the Amber list, some borders are currently closed or have quarantine restrictions in place for UK residents so it is not possible to travel there.

            For the latest information about travel guidance, please look at the Government’s website here:

          • Red Countries

            The below list of countries are all Red Destinations. 

            • Africa 
            • Argentina    
            • Brazil    
            • Cape Verde  
            • Chile  
            • Colombia  
            • Dominican Republic  
            • Ecuador   
            • Haiti  
            • India        
            • Maldives    
            • Nepal  
            • Oman  
            • Pakistan    
            • Peru  
            • Philippines  
            • Qatar    
            • Seychelles    
            • South Africa    
            • Tanzania  
            • Tunisia  
            • Turkey  
            • United Arab Emirates (UAE)    

            To view the full red list of countries please click here:

            For the latest information about guidance for travel, please look at the Government’s website here:

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